From the homepage, you can search existing content and browse the recently expanded support trees. You can initiate the addition of new content from the top bar in any view.

Adding ideas

The Add New Idea screen is where you can input new ideas. Whether you are adding a claim, fact, or hypothesis, you may find it easiest to work with text containing one clear main idea. Linked media can also be embedded as an idea. Optional fields include an explanatory note and sources.

Just as any number of supports can be added to any idea, so can any number of conclusions. If an idea in the system implies something important, you can include it in the knowledge graph structure by clicking "Add Conclusion" from the Grid view (get to the Grid by clicking a node in a Tree view, or using the top bar navigation).

Idea hover

The idea toolbar and ratings bar chart/form are displayed on hover above a minimum zoom level. (Zoom with mouse or touch device in the background area.)

Tree view

The tree view fits the selected focus idea (root node) and its entire support hierarchy to the display. In tree views, you can zoom with the scroll wheel on a mouse (or by pinching on a touch device), and you can pan with click-drag (or touch and drag) in the light gray background area.

Once an idea has been added, you can build a support structure beneath it. Some recommend keeping logic tree support groups to 3-5 different but complete ideas, though you can add as many as you want. Support can be added from each idea's hover toolbar or Grid view.

You can visually encode probability evaluations about ideas to heatmap their support trees. Because the best available information on a subject can be updated, at any time you can re-rate idea validities. Each idea's current and trending consensus statistics are available on hover and in the Detail view in graphical format.

Grid view

The grid view lets you navigate among, add new, and interlink existing nodes with any number of related supports and conclusions (e.g., parent and child nodes, super and sub nodes).

Contextual bias survey

When you re-rate a node's validity, the optional rating change survey appears. It lets you review and save specific common cognitive biases that were or are be influencing idea evaluations. This information may be useful in discussion around the idea under consideration.

Idea detail

The detail view is where you can edit and add sources to ideas.


The search field is accessible from the top bar in every view, for finding and navigating to existing ideas.

Selecting a search result takes you to its support tree, from which you can access the displayed ideas' hover/tap information, and navigate to their tree, grid and detail views.


User-specific idea lists and statistics are available in profiles.

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