Oneslate instances let you do the following:

  1. Capture ideas (text: sentences, insights, facts, claims, hypotheses, phrases; embed linked media: images, audio and video clips, documents)
  2. Interlink ideas to encode knowledge graph structures of a directed acyclic nature
    1. Connect to ideas any number of supporting ideas
    2. Connect to ideas any number of concluding ideas
    3. Ideas can be reused in any number of locations via autosuggest (with additive idea connections)
  3. Search ideas by matching text
  4. Browse ideas by filter and sort criteria (latest, following, unrated, recently rated, most rated, random)
  5. Navigate, review, and expand support tree structures
  6. Heatmap idea validities on a 5-bin intensity rating scale
  7. Update idea ratings over time, with available instantaneous and temporal consensus breakdown charts
  8. Unobtrusively identify and contextually track specific cognitive biases with the optional rating change survey
  9. Export heatmapped logic trees as PNG images at custom resolutions
  10. Follow ideas in your user profile
  11. Edit ideas you have created, and view idea edit history in detail view
  12. Collaborate by inviting guests to your instance via email address
  13. Share links to idea support trees by email
  14. Relegate ideas and idea connections (the admin user that created the instance can do this)
  15. Create self-service private instances in seconds
    1. Authenticate at the subdomain level for compartmentalization
    2. Data separation in database
    3. 256-bit AES SSL encryption
  16. Request a virtual machine if local deployment is needed

For a quick visual overview of the application, please see the tour.

For a more complete functional breakdown including screenshots and how-to descriptions, please see the tutorial.

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