Running Oneslate locally in a VM: link posted

Maybe cloud hosting is not the best fit for your Oneslate application. You can run Oneslate in a virtual machine to host it locally. Here is how:

  1. Download the Oneslate VM archive and unzip it. The package is 841MB compressed and 4.3GB uncompressed. (Please get the unzip password from
  2. Configure the settings as described in step one of setup_v0.2txt, “Update network settings in VirtualBox Manager”. The rest of the setup has already been done. If you need help, please contact
  3. As described in setup_v0.1a.txt, add entries to your hosts file (e.g., /etc/hosts) for the address where you would like to access the Oneslate interface. For example, using the default IP provided in the files:
  4. With Virtualbox installed, run Oneslate.vbox.
  5. Browse to the admin address you have set up in hosts ( in this example) and login with the credentials found in setup_v0.1a.txt.
  6. Click “Create a new instance” and enter its name.

  7. Visit the newly created Oneslate instance’s address.
  8. Try adding some nodes and test the functionality.


The 8 steps above get you running with a locally hosted, collaboration-supportive, web application where knowledge graphs can be interlinked and updated to enable efficiently capturing and referencing insights and their structures over time.

For a complete walkthrough of functionality, including homepage and logo customization, and how to get around in the system, please refer to the tutorial or contact