Try mitigating biases with Oneslate

Last week, John Dame and Jeffrey Gedmin had an article in HBR’s blog called Three Tips For Overcoming Your Blind Spots.  They made some good points, so I do a recap below before extending the discussion on biases with the ways that Oneslate’s logic tree platform is intended to help overcome them.

1. Confirmation Bias

What it is: Fitting information to support pre-conceived notions

John and Jeffrey’s tip: Maintain a smart devil’s advocate among your advisors.  They explain, “The only remedy is to make sure you have a full and accurate picture available when making important decisions…test…go after…drill deeper…examine the claim…challenging your own assumptions…have in your circle of advisers a brainy, tough-as-nails devil’s advocate who…checks you constantly.”

My extension: The Oneslate platform provides a logically structured framework to capture and relate insights, for sharing and access of related insights, together, for a more comprehensive view.

2. Hindsight Bias

What it is: Looking back, surprises can seem predictable.

John and Jeffrey’s tip: Keep a diary, for a record of process and thoughts at the time when prior decisions were made, since “We…keep a running record…of…selective memories…cherry-picking…critical, independent thinking ends…impairs our ability to draw the right conclusions…imagine after the the fact that a situation…was avoidable…or a decision simpler.”

My extension: Since we learn as new information arises, in the Oneslate platform seeing changes in consensus breakdown over time means learning from experience over time instead of getting bent out of shape.

3. Groupthink

What it is: Conforming to popular opinion

John and Jeffrey’s tip: When hiring, seek people “tough, independent, and able to say what they think…check that decisions at all levels…are being made on the basis of rationality, not merely flowing from authority or tendency (however subconscious) to conform”.  They explain, “If everyone around you is thinking just like you…people may be self-censoring for fear…groups…too close-knit…fall prey to illusions.”

My extension: The Oneslate platform encourages creative contribution and rewards with self-fulfilment by enabling efficient mental model contributions where informal bounds on rationality would otherwise restrict valid, actionable insights.