A Python client and CLI for Oneslate

For text-based and programmatic interaction with Oneslate systems, a limited Oneslate Python client and CLI has been shared.

So far, Oneslate interaction in demonstration, hosted, and local instances has been primarily through the visual interface for web browsers.  However, text based and programmatic interaction has long been intended.  So, portions of Oneslate’s HTTP API has been implemented in the Python client linked above.  This client lets you interact with live Oneslate instances in the terminal using a command line interface.  Also, you can import the client module into other Python scripts and reuse its functions.

Only a subset of the Oneslate functionality is implemented in the Python client so far, but key functionality has been built out (add node, rate node, edit node title, link node as supporting another node, search nodes, view node details, etc.), and the scope  can be expanded as needed.

Additional nodes appear in the readme file of the release.