Corporate Sustainability and Product Development application outlines

From the “export tree as image” feature, here is a map outlining aspects of Corporate Sustainability and Product Development which might be partially addressable using the Oneslate system (click image for full size):     Sources: [1] [2] Aurisicchio, … Continued

Hypertext cards can live on the web

Today, Fred Wilson blogs on Hypercard’s having been “way too early”.  Perhaps not too surprisingly, Fred’s focus is on the card format of Hypercard; after all, that’s the most common link from Hypercard to today’s software world.  As he notes, … Continued

DARPA’s renewed interest in Memex

The oNLine System (NLS), which gave birth to virtually all subsequent human computer interfaces as well as the internet, was funded by ARPA. [1] Doug Engelbart credited Vannevar Bush’s imaginary Memex as an inspiration for the NLS work. [2]  On … Continued