Oneslate as a personal knowledge base

In 2013, Yule et al. [1] note that “it has only been recently, with the advent of HTML5 and related standards, that the entirety of the NLS/Augment system can be implemented in the browser in a standardized fashion”.  They describe … Continued

Simplified instance creation and updated tour

The Oneslate private instance creation form has been simplified to 3 fields and moved to the homepage.  Also, you can now create many instances per email address right from the self-service new instance form.  It should now be easier to … Continued

Minor updates clean a few things up

Nothing deep here, but a small number of aesthetic updates to the Oneslate application have been deployed and are perhaps worth mentioning: The treestreams are now literally the central focus of the homepage, making it cleaner and more relaxed. Admin … Continued