New tutorials

Here are a dozen short tutorial videos in a Youtube playlist to accompany the new tutorial page.  

Oneslate application updates: topbar with view navigation

The Oneslate application’s visual appearance has been updated. The new top bar contains: Home icon Search form (to find matching existing nodes) View Lists icon (presents latest, following, recently rated node columns) Add Node icon Options icon (account settings) User … Continued

Try mitigating biases with Oneslate

Last week, John Dame and Jeffrey Gedmin had an article in HBR’s blog called Three Tips For Overcoming Your Blind Spots.  They made some good points, so I do a recap below before extending the discussion on biases with the … Continued

Quick reference cheat sheet for Oneslate

The following image displays an overview of Oneslate navigation and common functions. This quick reference may be useful as an aid during and after initial introduction. A team-wide 30 minute meeting should be all it takes for system deployment, to … Continued

Treestreams show trees by update

Treestreams have been recently rolled out to the hosted Oneslate instances. Treestreams include all rooted trees, ranked by most recently expanded, and they disclude singleton (unlinked) nodes. So, if tree is linked to multiple parent nodes, the transcluded tree is … Continued