Learn about logic trees

If logic trees are a new concept (and even if they’re not), then you are in luck, and Oneslate’s platform may be about to make more sense. Wikipedia covers business decision mapping, but here are some hand-picked PDFs linked for … Continued

The Oneslate augmentation challenge

Try the Oneslate intelligence augmentation platform for improving goal achievement. 1) Pick a goal-related metric—customer satisfaction, return on human capital investment, or anything you want—and track it. 2) Implement the Oneslate private intelligence platform. 3) See what happens to your … Continued

The web that can be

Alex Wright’s “The Web That Wasn’t” nicely covers many aspects of hypertext that have been theorized but not integrated into the WWW (or any adjunct systems useable by non-analyst-types, save for Oneslate): The video above provides a nice context for … Continued

Using Oneslate to try to address wicked problems

Oneslate is an application that can be used to try to address “wicked problems” by digitally mapping concepts in a shared idea space. Wikipedia provides the following general definition of a wicked problem: “1. The problem is not understood until … Continued