A Python client and CLI for Oneslate

For text-based and programmatic interaction with Oneslate systems, a limited Oneslate Python client and CLI has been shared. So far, Oneslate interaction in demonstration, hosted, and local instances has been primarily through the visual interface for web browsers.  However, text … Continued

Paper: Tracking mental model bias with spatial hypertext

The Oneslate application lets people explicitly track mental model bias with the aid of spatial hypertext environment (via temporal interaction with graphs of per-concept validity evaluations and per-concept named cognitive biases). At MWAIS 2014, the current system was demonstrated in … Continued

Running Oneslate locally in a VM: link posted

Maybe cloud hosting is not the best fit for your Oneslate application. You can run Oneslate in a virtual machine to host it locally. Here is how: Download the Oneslate VM archive and unzip it. The package is 841MB compressed … Continued

Corporate Sustainability and Product Development application outlines

From the “export tree as image” feature, here is a map outlining aspects of Corporate Sustainability and Product Development which might be partially addressable using the Oneslate system (click image for full size):     Sources: [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_sustainability [2] Aurisicchio, … Continued

Hypertext cards can live on the web

Today, Fred Wilson blogs on Hypercard’s having been “way too early”.  Perhaps not too surprisingly, Fred’s focus is on the card format of Hypercard; after all, that’s the most common link from Hypercard to today’s software world.  As he notes, … Continued

DARPA’s renewed interest in Memex

The oNLine System (NLS), which gave birth to virtually all subsequent human computer interfaces as well as the internet, was funded by ARPA. [1] Doug Engelbart credited Vannevar Bush’s imaginary Memex as an inspiration for the NLS work. [2]  On … Continued

Oneslate as a personal knowledge base

In 2013, Yule et al. [1] note that “it has only been recently, with the advent of HTML5 and related standards, that the entirety of the NLS/Augment system can be implemented in the browser in a standardized fashion”.  They describe … Continued

Simplified instance creation and updated tour

The Oneslate private instance creation form has been simplified to 3 fields and moved to the homepage.  Also, you can now create many instances per email address right from the self-service new instance form.  It should now be easier to … Continued

Minor updates clean a few things up

Nothing deep here, but a small number of aesthetic updates to the Oneslate application have been deployed and are perhaps worth mentioning: The treestreams are now literally the central focus of the homepage, making it cleaner and more relaxed. Admin … Continued

Custom style makeover guide

Did you know that browser add-ons let you add custom styling to websites?  If the default Oneslate appearance is too Plain Jane (or Average Joe) for you, you can change its appearance using this method! Here’s a line of CSS … Continued

Tidbits on critical thinking

This post wanders a bit, but its central theme is “critical thinking”, which is defined as “reasonable reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do” by Robert H. Ennis of the University of Illinois’ Education Faculty. … Continued

On the documents of the future

In 1995, computing visionary Douglas C. Engelbart gave a keynote lecture at UCSB in honor of Glen Culler, who was a Professor of Electrical Engineering at that school. You can view the talk online at the Internet Archive (links to … Continued

New tutorials

Here are a dozen short tutorial videos in a Youtube playlist to accompany the new tutorial page.  

Oneslate application updates: topbar with view navigation

The Oneslate application’s visual appearance has been updated. The new top bar contains: Home icon Search form (to find matching existing nodes) View Lists icon (presents latest, following, recently rated node columns) Add Node icon Options icon (account settings) User … Continued

Try mitigating biases with Oneslate

Last week, John Dame and Jeffrey Gedmin had an article in HBR’s blog called Three Tips For Overcoming Your Blind Spots.  They made some good points, so I do a recap below before extending the discussion on biases with the … Continued

Quick reference cheat sheet for Oneslate

The following image displays an overview of Oneslate navigation and common functions. This quick reference may be useful as an aid during and after initial introduction. A team-wide 30 minute meeting should be all it takes for system deployment, to … Continued

Treestreams show trees by update

Treestreams have been recently rolled out to the hosted Oneslate instances. Treestreams include all rooted trees, ranked by most recently expanded, and they disclude singleton (unlinked) nodes. So, if tree is linked to multiple parent nodes, the transcluded tree is … Continued

Learn about logic trees

If logic trees are a new concept (and even if they’re not), then you are in luck, and Oneslate’s platform may be about to make more sense. Wikipedia covers business decision mapping, but here are some hand-picked PDFs linked for … Continued

The Oneslate augmentation challenge

Try the Oneslate intelligence augmentation platform for improving goal achievement. 1) Pick a goal-related metric—customer satisfaction, return on human capital investment, or anything you want—and track it. 2) Implement the Oneslate private intelligence platform. 3) See what happens to your … Continued

The web that can be

Alex Wright’s “The Web That Wasn’t” nicely covers many aspects of hypertext that have been theorized but not integrated into the WWW (or any adjunct systems useable by non-analyst-types, save for Oneslate): The video above provides a nice context for … Continued

Using Oneslate to try to address wicked problems

Oneslate is an application that can be used to try to address “wicked problems” by digitally mapping concepts in a shared idea space. Wikipedia provides the following general definition of a wicked problem: “1. The problem is not understood until … Continued

VMs now running

Oneslate is now available as a virtual machine image. You can run a VM image in Virtualbox (or VMWare) to have a locally hosted Oneslate platform. Benefits include falling back on your existing network, total security control, etc. Please contact … Continued

Designing a new forum software

I wanted Oneslate because all other forum software was severely lacking in several areas. Mainly, the arrangement of content in status quo forum software meant that people could efficiently communicate. To fix the signal/noise problem, Oneslate incorporates several changes from … Continued