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Oneslate is a
knowledge workshop.

You can use Oneslate to capture insights, analyze concepts, structure knowledge, and see an entire support tree at once on your display.

Example uses:

  • Do critical thinking
  • Build logic trees
  • Tackle wicked problems
  • Capture design rationale

Notable features:

  • Multi parent support ("graph plus tree" structure) - build complex graph structures (DAG) by working primarily with familiar, interlinkable tree shapes
  • Transclusion - the same node can occur in many places with all contexts discoverable (reuse nodes via autosuggest)
  • Universal association - link any idea to any other idea in a private instance
  • Heatmapping - rate nodes on a 5-bin validity scale for heatmapping, and update as needed (graphical rating trends per node)
  • Rating change survey - an optional survey of common cognitive biases is presented for contextual logging and review on node rating updates
  • Guest access - collaborators who you invite by email address can access, rate, and add content on your knowledge base

Additional capabilities include: search, embed linked media in nodes, add sources to nodes (autosuggestable), export PNG image of tree at custom resolution, IBIS notation, user profile with bookmarked ("followed" nodes) and more... Please see the tour for a quick overview, and the tutorial for a complete walkthrough.

Compartmentalized collaboration support

New instances of Oneslate start out with one user: the Administrator, whose email address created it. By visiting, the Administrator may invite collaborators by email address to read and write to the instance. Only the Administrator on each instance can relegate nodes and edges.

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