Strong Hypertext, Made Easy

The advantages of strong hypertext systems are easy to understand, extremely simple, highly capable, and almost entirely untapped.

Strong hypertext is easy to understand.

There are three essential attributes which make a basic full-featured strong hypertext application. With these features, you have strong hypertext. Without these features, you have weak hypertext.

Any information system can be assessed in a straightforward manner to determine whether all of the requirements are met; all three attributes must exist for the application to embody strong hypertext.

Strong hypertext is extremely simple.

The three essential attributes of strong hypertext are as follows:

  1. Bidirectional navigation: For any object, you can discover what it links to as well as what links to it.
  2. N-Way linking: Any object can be linked to any number of other objects (in whatever directions are allowed).
  3. Real Transclusion: The exact same object can occur in many places, so its linked locations are additive.

Strong hypertext is highly capable.

You can use strong hypertext to permit the establishment of cohesion among otherwise disparate mental models, to remotely sense and visually track bias over time, and to scaffold logic for enhanced critical thinking skill development. Therefore, strong hypertext is well suited for addressing wicked problems. Strong hypertext supports maintaining and building many contexts with comprehensive discovery, so that it is possible to associate and discover otherwise unknown unknowns while addressing the information overload problem (which weak hypertext implementations serve to exacerbate rather than resolve).

Organizations can use strong hypertext to address some of their most pressing and hard to address problems, such as in the following scenarios:

Strong hypertext's potential is almost entirely untapped.

Because all historic strong hypertext systems have had significant learning curves due to their lack of focus on ease of use, they have hardly been deployed anywhere. Meaningfully accessing the potential benefits can be done to support an institution's core goals by experimentally deploying a strong hypertext system that is easy to use, lightweight, and flexible. The only known strong hypertext system that is easy to use, lightweight, and flexible is Oneslate. Simply put, no other collaboration system is (a) strong hypertext and (b) easy to use. Oneslate really is a first of its kind.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits offered by a collaboration system with the three core attributes of strong hypertext, or if your institution is interested in wielding its high capabilities in a manageable context, then finding out more about implementation options and specific usage scenarios by entering a conversation might be a natural next step.

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